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Study Medicine Europe®, trading name of SME Consortium Ltd (“SME”), is committed to give you the best possible service. However, if at any point you become unhappy or concerned about the service we have provided then you should inform us immediately. SME will ensure that any customer has the right to lodge a complaint and to have their concerns addressed in ways that ensure access and equity, fairness, accountability and transparency. SME will provide a complaints management procedure that:
  • is simple and easy to use;
  • is available to all members and clients via our website;
  • ensures complaints are responded to promptly;
  • is procedurally fair;
  • complies with legislative requirements.

How to raise a complaint

A complaint is defined as any expression of dissatisfaction, however, it is expressed. This would include complaints expressed face to face, via a phone call, in writing, via email or any other method. Our staff has sufficient knowledge to be able to identify an “expression of dissatisfaction” even when the word “complain” or “complaint” is not used. SME’s responsibility will be to:
  • acknowledge the formal complaint in writing;
  • respond within a stated period of time;
  • deal reasonably and sensitively with the complaint; and
  • take action where appropriate.
A complainant’s responsibility is to:
  • bring their complaint, in writing, to SME’s attention normally within 8 weeks of the issue arising;
  • raise concerns promptly and directly with a member of the SME Team;
  • explain the problem as clearly and as fully as possible, including any action taken to date;
  • allow SME a reasonable time to deal with the matter, and
  • recognise that some circumstances may be beyond SME’s control.
If you have a complaint in the first instance we suggest you to contact the staff member who is working on your case to discuss your concerns. Informal complaints can be made verbally, in writing or by email. We will do our best to resolve any issues at this stage. If you prefer not to speak with the staff member, or you have not reached a satisfactory outcome and you feel the problem has not been resolved, you may contact Ms Salome Abdaladze to lodge a formal complaint, in the following ways:
  • Via email contacting us at [email protected]
  • Via regular post at 1 Cornhill, EC3V 3ND London, UK

What will happen next?

  1. We will send you a letter acknowledging your complaint, where necessary asking you to confirm or explain the details. You can expect to receive our letter within 3 working days of receiving your complaint.
  2. We will then investigate your complaint, which will normally involve examining your file and (if he did not act for you personally) speaking with the staff member dealing with your case. A record is kept of all formal complaints including details of the investigation and action taken.
  3. We will send you a detailed response to your complaint, including suggestions for resolving the matter. We will aim to have all complaint investigations concluded and to give you a final response by 10 working days unless a different deadline is agreed.
  4. If you would like to have a videocall to discuss and hopefully resolve your complaint, we will arrange this within 3 working days of your request. Within 2 working days of the meeting we will write to you to confirm what took place and any solutions he has agreed with you.
  5. At this stage, if you remain dissatisfied, you can let us know. We will arrange for a Senior Manager, who is not connected with the complaint, to review the decision. This process is likely to take 10 days.
  6. We will let you know the result of this review within 2 working days of its conclusion. At this stage Ms Salome Abdaladze will write to you confirming the firm’s final position on your complaint (considering the views of the second investigator).
  7. If you are still not satisfied with the decision at the conclusion, and the complaint is related to a SAR request, you may refer the matter to the Information Commissioners Office by visiting, or by calling, 0303 123 1113. For any other complaints you should refer to the remedies allowed by the Consumer Rights Act 2015.


Except in exceptional circumstances, every attempt will be made to ensure that both the complainant and SME CONSORTIUM LTD maintain confidentiality. However the circumstances giving rise to the complaint may be such that it may not be possible to maintain confidentiality (with each complaint judged on its own facts). Should this be the case, the situation will be explained to the complainant.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We will do our best to address any dissatisfaction that you have experienced in using the services of this practice. Our primary objective is to put things right.

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