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Resources for undergraduate/graduate medicine programmes

Students receive university support for their enrolment with Study Medicine Europe that extends far beyond orientation meetings. Throughout every student’s medicine programme, whether they are studying an undergraduate course or graduate course, you are supported with a range of resources specifically designed to promote academic success. Achieving your goals in the scope of your academic progress and overall coursework, is of fundamental importance to SME.

Students are supported with a range of resources for their tertiary studies in their chosen medicine programme across the SME group of partner universities with the following available:

  • University notes
  • Textbooks
  • Solution examples
  • Established research examples
  • Sample tests and past papers

Student networks connected via our representatives

SME recognises the value of academic networks for students regardless of their university and what they are studying in their medicine undergraduate programme/graduate programme. SME advisors can assist with requests to facilitate student support within the medicine studies network. The insight that senior students can provide is recognised therefore students needing further academic support and study support can connect with SME to utilise these specialised collegiate resources.

Try a tutor programme for academic success

Dynamic study services are a foundation point of academic success with many students benefiting from the range of SME specialist support options. Refining individual study strategies to incorporate additional academic support can be organised with our team. Should you be considering a support or tutor programme available at your university for any coursework you are having trouble with, SME can help you organise this and connect with a university tutor or related personnel.

Academic progress monitoring student services

We monitor and evaluate the progress-toward-degree status of each student assessing their academic progress throughout their studies. Should a student require any undergraduate/graduate support, SME can provide resources, organise study support, or assist with finding the relevant university academic advisor. These frameworks are embedded in our services to ensure each student achieves their programme goals.

Specialist student support services

SME recognises the health needs of each student, with support services designed to incorporate a holistic approach to individual wellbeing. While every person can face challenges and exceptional circumstances, SME operates with a mission of exemplary services that ensure a favourable education environment based on the availability of ongoing support in a variety of ways including the academic support mechanisms listed above. SME also provides students with the following dynamic resources that promote student wellbeing for the duration of their medicine course with Bi-Monthly student follow-ups, Job-seeking support, and 24/7 Information availability.

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