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Why Study Medicine in English at the University of Health Sciences Antigua in the Caribbean Islands?


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+ Why Choose the University of Health Sciences Antigua?
  • Based in Piccadilly, Antigua, the University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA) is one of the Northern Hemisphere’s foremost universities with a commitment to delivering inclusive, culturally-sensitive medical training from a foundation of equity and educational excellence.
  • Over its multi-decade history, the university has made extensive contributions to global medical education with alumni from over 21 countries and 45 U.S. states now working in research, health policy, academic, medical administration, biomedicine, and specialised medical practice including surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, and psychiatry.
  • The university was founded with a focus on a comprehensive system of medical education that addresses regional and international challenges in medicine to found an exemplary medical school that is renowned for its emphasis on practice standards, collegiality and scientific research, and diverse cultural training with global transferability.
  • International practice frameworks inform the UHSA curriculum; the university has a network of affiliated clinical facilities and hospitals in Canada and the Caribbean Islands.
+ The 3.2 or 4-Year Medicine Programme
  • Graduates will be awarded an international Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.
  • The duration of the course is 4 Years or 3.2 Years if the students complete the Clinical Rotations consecutively with no breaks.
  • The curriculum is taught in English and structured into four years of learning; the first two years of Basic Sciences is comprised of 70 weeks (5 Terms), then two years of clinical rotations comprising 78 weeks of Core and Electives.
  • The Basic Sciences take place on the campus of the university in Antigua and the modules that are covered are: Human Engineering I, II, III; The Practice of Medicine I,II, III, IV; The Physician and Society; Perspectives of the Mind; Healthy Communities; Disruption, Repair, and Care I, II; The Physician as a Scientist; and, The Medical Ethos.
  • Core Rotations are 48 weeks, more specifically Internal Medicine: 12 weeks, Surgery: 12 weeks, Obstetrics & Gynaecology: 6 weeks, Paediatrics: 6 weeks, Family Medicine: 6 weeks, Psychiatry: 6 weeks. Elective Rotations are 30 weeks with students choosing the rotation that they want to undertake throughout the period.
  • Clinical rotations are completed at the university’s affiliate teaching hospitals in Antigua and Canada and the overall curriculum is designed to fully integrate with prestigious medical schools standards.
  • UHSA has three intakes per annum (January, May, September) and there are no entry exams.
+ What do the Clinical Rotations in the UK Involve?
  • The university coordinates international clinical rotation opportunities for up to two years.
  • Placement offers are made based on student applications and matching their preferences to available rotations in teaching hospitals and clinical facilities in the UK.
  • Clinical rotations in the UK cost £400 per week.
+ How Much Does the Programme Cost?
Programme Programme Starts Annual Fees (*) ($)
Medicine January, May & September 8,500 /year
Living Costs Monthly ($) Annually ($)
Rent 220380 26004560
Food 85170 10002040
Utility Bills (Electricity, Gas &Water, Internet) 90108 10801296
Transportation 23 276
Health Insurance 2535 300420
Total 450700 54008400

*This is a special offer exclusive to SME students from UHSA.

+ Admission to the University of Health Sciences Antigua

Applicants must provide the following information:

  1. An application which includes the following details: bio, education history, and course for which you are applying.
  2. A copy of your secondary education results with subjects studied.
  3. Two small photos of 4-5cm.
  4. A personal statement.
  5. One to Two letters of recommendation.
+ Medical Council Requirements for Recognising Medical Degrees
  • Many of the world’s Medical Councils require that the Medical School that awarded the Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) be listed on the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMS).
  • Additionally, each region has its own requirements:
    • UK
      • The General Medical Council (GMC) expects a medical degree to have a minimum 5,500 Clock Hours over a minimum period of three years.
    • USA
      • The Educational Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) requires a medical degree to have a minimum duration of four years.
    • Australia
      • The Australian Medical Council (AMC) maintains an additional database of Recognised Medical Schools.
      • It also requires a medical degree to have a minimum duration of four years.
+ Life in Piccadilly
  • Piccadilly is a city in the beautiful south of the Caribbean island of Antigua.
  • The idyllic location is perfect for students with its laidback lifestyle, natural attractions, outdoor activities, history, and coastal recreation.
  • The city is famous for its easygoing locals and pleasant climate with temperate summers and mild winters.
  • This area of the island of Antigua is particularly renowned for its extensive national parks, cultivated gardens, and untouched bays.
+ Life in Antigua
  • Antigua is considered one of the safest of the Caribbean Islands with friendly residents and extensive attractions that captivate visitors.
  • The official language of Antigua is English and the island is connected to North America and the UK by a well-established international flight network.
  • The natural splendour of the island is much-sought-after with Lonely Planet reporting its“blissful beaches, diverse landscapes and wildlife-rich nature reserves”.
  • Antigua Sailing Week is a major annual event that attracts international visitors for participation and festivities.
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