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Every so often, individuals being part of a medical staff team but needing to upgrade their qualifications, be it in pursuit of a promotion or a better job position, or even students who have graduated in a field related to medicine or a science-related degree, such as biomedical studies, pharmacy, dietetics, or nursing, among others, decide to apply for a graduate entry in a medical or dental school to continue their studies and accelerate their route towards a medical degree.

On this note, it is important to clarify one misconception: “Graduate Entry” does not refer to “postgraduate medicine”, which is what doctors and qualified medical professionals do. Graduate entry refers to the process of finding a route into the undergraduate study of medicine by using one’s existing academic and professional qualifications.

Such applications are often very competitive, and very difficult, as they invariably include documents and complex factors of elements pertinent to your qualifications that you may not have thought could increase your chances of being accepted. Not to mention the entrance exams that make a graduate entry even harder to achieve.

The graduate entry programmes in Bulgarian medical universities allow students to enrol in the second or third semester of English taught medical and dental programmes, as long as they meet the prerequisites and better yet, without the added stress of having to sit any entrance exams.

After the Medical University receives a candidate's admission documents and the "Certificate of The Right to Study" is issued by the "Ministry of Education, Youth and Science", the University issues a formal "Letter of Acceptance". Subsequently, the student can pay for the first instalment of his or her annual tuition fees and register at the university.

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