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For graduates holding degrees in field related to Medicine or science in general, such as biomedical studies, pharmacy or nursing, hoping to further their studies in a medical or dental school and enhance their qualifications, applying for a place in a graduate entry programme is without a doubt the best thing to do.

Medical universities in Romania offer such candidates the opportunity to enter a medical or dental course taught entirely in English by starting in the second or even the third year and to obtain a degree which will be globally recognized. That way, applicants save a significant amount of time by skipping the first semesters and thus speeding up the route towards their academic goal and what is more, at affordable costs. Furthermore, the pressure of any entrance exams is avoided.

Graduates who are interested in applying for these courses are required to submit their degree and transcript of the courses completed to the university of their choice, along with a number of other documents. Thenceforth, the rector’s council, after having taken into consideration the entry requirements in addition to the candidate’s qualifications, which have already been assessed by the Ministry of Education, determines the applicant’s entry into the medical or dental school he or she has chosen before they finally issue the formal letter of acceptance.

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