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Why Choose Ukrainian Medical Universities?


No entry exams

Tuition fees

Medicine: $3,500/year

Dentistry: $3,800/year

Undergraduate Entry

Medicine: 6 Years

Dentistry: 6 Years

Online Study

Not Available


Not Available

Graduate Entry

Not available

+How much are the programmes?
  • Tuition fees for studying medicine at dentistry at Ukrainian universities is as follows:
  • Medical UniversityProgramme (English)EnrollmentTuition Fees per Year ()
    Kiev Medical UniversityMedicine / DentistryOctober3,500/3,800
    Sumy State UniversityMedicineOctober4,300
    Zaporizhzhia State Medical UniversityMedicineOctober1–3 years of study – 4,000 4–6 years of study – 4,500
    Zaporizhzhia State Medical UniversityDentistryOctober1–2 years of study – 4,500 3–5 years of study – 4,850
  • Each programme is taught entirely through English and lasts for 5-6 years.
+How are the courses taught?
  • The initial years are dedicated to pre-clinical subjects and eventually move on to clinical subjects.
  • Programmes are taught through a variety of formats including: lectures, class-based learning, labs, workshops, seminars and consultations.
  • The academic staff is made up of distinguished professors and scientists of an international research calibre.
+Admission for Undergraduate Entry
  • Both EU and non-EU students can apply for the medicine and dentistry programmes at Ukrainian medical universities.
  • Graduate Entry Medicine Programmes are available at Kiev Medical University and Sumy State University.
  • To qualify for Graduate Entry in Ukrainian universities, candidates must have a degree in a science related field of study.
  • Graduate Entry allows eligible students to enrol in the 2nd or 3rd year, thereby allowing them to complete the course in a shorter time and pay lower tuition fees.
+Is funding available?
  • Please note that Study Medicine Europe does not offer a student loan service, however our team is always looking for new funding options for university students in Ukraine.
  • To find out more about student loans in Ukraine, contact Study Medicine Europe, we will keep you up-to-date with all the latest developments changes regarding student loans.
+When are the deadlines?
  • For EU & non-EU countries exempted from requiring a visa, the deadline is at end of October.
  • Candidates from other EU countries with no visa exemption will need to submit their application at least a month prior to the deadline, as it can take up to a month for a student visa to be issued.
  • The academic year consists of two semesters. The first semester stretches from September until January and the second semester goes from February until July.
  • The timetable for the academic year will be structured similarly to the below.
Semester One
Teaching PeriodSeptemberJanuary
Winter BreakLate JanuaryEnd February
ExamsJanuaryLate January
Semester Two
Teaching PeriodFebruartJuly
Summer BreakEarly JuneEarly September
ExamsLate JuneJuly
Summer Vacation / Summer Training Practice
Medicine studentsJulySeptember
Dentistry studentsJulySeptember
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