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Why Consider Transferring to Dental Schools in Europe?


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Tuition fees

Dentistry: $3,000/year


October & March


Remaining years following transfer

+Why Transfer To A Dental University in Europe?
  • Transferring to a dental university in Europe is a good option for dental students seeking a cheaper alternative to their current university.
  • You can transfer to one of our partner dental universities in universities in Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria.
  • All of our partner universities offer fully-accredited English-language dentistry programmes.
+Who is Eligible For An International Dental University Transfer?
  • To apply for an international transfer to a foreign dental school, the candidate is required to have completed at least one semester of a dentistry programme at an accredited university.
  • Alternatively, if the already has an undergraduate degree in a field related to dentistry, they will be eligible for a graduate entry programme in Armenia or Ukraine.
+How To Transfer Dental Universities With Study Medicine Europe
  • European dental schools assess the suitability of a candidate evaluate based on their transcripts as well as the academic calendar syllabus for each subject.
  • The transcript needs to include information on the following: number of hours (lectures, practice) completed, ECTS credits and examination results for completed modules.
  • If the applicant has studied for a shorter amount of time but has covered a similar curriculum, then they may be obliged to attend supplementary classes to compensate to attain the required credits.
  • Candidates must pass at least 5 exams in order to progress to a higher year of study.
  • Our expert team can help you calculate the credits you need in order to accelerate your studies by one or several semesters.
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