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Why Study for an Undergraduate Degree in Medicine in Europe?


No entry exams

Tuition fees

Medicine: $3,000


October, November, March & May

Undergraduate Entry

Medicine: 5 or 6 Years

+Why Choose Our Partner Universities for an Undergraduate Degree in Medicine?
  • Study Medicine Europe has partnerships with some of the best medical universities in Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria.
  • Our partner universities are all accredited institutions that are recognized internationally.
  • They also enjoy high academic rankings and are listed in all known directories of internationally renowned medical schools (WHO, IMED, etc.).
+Why Choose Europe for an Undergraduate Degree in Medicine?
  • All of the undergraduate medical programmes at our partner universities are fully taught through English.
  • Students can enjoy guaranteed entry, meaning that you can avoid stressful entrance examinations.
  • All the medical courses are internationally accredited, so once you have graduated you will be able to practice medicine all over the world.
  • With cheap tuition fees starting from just $3,000 a year you can make big savings.
  • What’s more, Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania or Bulgaria have very reasonable living costs, making them an ideal option for studying abroad.
+Medicine Undergraduate Programmes in Europe
  • Undergraduate medical programmes in Armenian, Georgian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Bulgarian universities typically last for six years.
  • However, the New Vision University in Georgia does offer an accelerated five year course. These internationally-accredited programmes are taught through English and attract students from all over the world.
  • European Undergraduate Medicine Programmes typically comprise of pre-clinical training as well as clinical practice and internships.
  • Upon successful completion of the programme graduates will obtain a globally-recognised qualification that will allow them to practice medicine worldwide.
  • Please see these pages for more information about Undergraduate Medicine Programmes in Armenia, Georgia, Romania, and Bulgaria.
+Why Apply for Undergraduate Medicine with Study Medicine Europe?
  • Study Medicine Europe is the only recruiting organization that helps students from all over the world secure a place at a European Medical University.
  • Our team of experienced representatives will provide you with expert advice before, during and after your undergraduate degree to help you realise your dream of becoming a practicing medical doctor.
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