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Kiev Medical University is considered the most prestigious medical institution in Kiev, Ukraine. This university offers many opportunities for medical students to engage in international exchange programs, conferences and scientific projects. Our student reviews provides insides of a students’ take in studying medicine in Kiev, Ukraine

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from two current students at KMU in Kiev, Ukraine.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at KMU Ukraine

Friedrich is a first-year student studying at Kiev Medical University

How did you find out about SME?

Friedrich shared that he search on SME via the internet and gained more info on SME website. He said “I found SME via the internet page of SME and there I found every information that I needed.

How was your experience with SME during the initial phases?

The experience with SME was amazing from the beginning and he could reach out to SME for any inquiries through multiple channels such as emails and phone calls at any time says Friedrich. Friedrich mentions, “My experiences with SME was were amazing. The first few months were even without expanses so I could call them anytime I wanted to. Email anytime I wanted to and they helped me with any question that I needed.”

How SME assisted when you first arrived Kiev, Ukraine?

Friedrich was welcomed well by getting picked up right from the airport as he arrived Kiev and transported directly to a hotel. “We were picked up from the airport and brought directly to a hotel.”

How was the relocation process in Kiev, Ukraine?

SME helped in locating a very nice and comfortable apartment for Friedrich when he arrived Kiev and also ensure the apartment was located in the same vicinity of the University. Friedrich shares “They already started looking for accommodation for us. We found a very nice and beautiful apartment for us which was also close to the University so it’s just perfect.”

How was the help or support as a student studying in Kiev, Ukraine?

Friedrich said that studying abroad in Kiev, Ukraine he still received lots of support and help from SME. “Support in Kiev is still there. They still help me with different questions that I am having.”

How was your experience studying medicine in Kiev, Ukraine?

It was shared by Friedrich that he was able to experience living in a new country, learning new cultures and also experiencing diversity amongst students who come from all over the globe. Friedrich shares “The best part of the experience is being able to new a new country, new cultures and everyone here is from a different place.”

What else will you like to share on studying medicine in Kiev, Ukraine?

Friedrich informed that his overall experience was amazing and had a unique experience with different cultures. Friedrich said “It is a very enjoyable culture wise experience.”

Precious is a first-year student studying at Kiev Medical University.

How did you find SME application process like?

Precious said that the application process of SME was very smooth, fast and efficient as well as the team being very helpful throughout the process. “I found the application process with SME to be really smooth. When I was back home they helped us to get all documents legalized and translated. They helped with every problem that we had on our side. They were very fast to communicate.”

How was SME helpful in studying medicine in Kiev, Ukraine?

Precious explained that SME was very helpful to her in every way but SME was most helpful in relocating her at Kiev, Ukraine. Precious said “ They helped with a lot of stuff and most importantly the relocation. The relocation was the most important thing for my mom and she was really worried about it.”

What was it like when you first arrived in Kiev, Ukraine?

It was said by Precious that SME assisted her in getting all the admin stuff sorted such as a sim card and bank account. She said “The gave us a sim card because here in Ukraine we needed a new sim card so they helped us and set up that sim card and then they took us to the bank. At the bank they helped us set up a new account so that we could pay funds within Ukraine.”

How else did SME help you when you were in Kiev, Ukraine?

Precious stated that SME was always helpful and there was also a time when SME reached out to her via email asking if everything was going fine with her from all aspects of a medicine student studying abroad. Precious shared “I remember just recently I got email asking if I need any help and any academic problem or any other problem as such.”

How was your experience studying Medicine in Kiev, Ukraine?

Precious explained that everyone in Kiev Medical University was very welcoming and helpful throughout her medical course. “In the course I am doing, the people there are really welcoming and they are always there when you need any help. I’d say my favorite topics would be Anatomy and other practical subject such as Biology.”

What was the most difficult thing for you when moving into Kiev, Ukraine?

Communicating locally in Ukraine was the biggest difficulty for Precious when she was studying medicine in Kiev specially when getting around and finding a specific location or place in Kiev. Precious said “The most difficult thing was the language barrier because it was hard not being able to communicate with people when you are really stuck like when you are looking for a shop or like if you are stuck trying to get somewhere with google maps. That’s been the hardest thing for me.”

What more you will like to share to new students who plan to study medicine in Kiev, Ukraine?

The advice from Precious to whoever that wants to study medicine in Kiev, Ukraine is to have an open mind because the education style is a little different comparing to other countries in the EU. Precious explains “For anyone who wants to do medicine depending on what country you are going to I would just say prepare of changes because way people teach here it is not as similar as it is to Europe for somethings but just there would be a lot of changes and I think you should just prepare yourself for that and like have an open mind when you come so you won’t dismiss everything or get like very disappointed very fast.”

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