UK Campus and Clinical Rotations – Regulatory Framework

UK Campus and Clinical Rotations – Regulatory Framework

In a desperate attempt to justify the inability to provide SME’s premium level of services, a ‘so called’ agency has once again published a newspiece clearly aiming at defaming one of our Partner Universities called New Vision University (NVU). Their strategy is simplistic and ineffective, as they aim it against two educational opportunities offered exclusively by SME through the University; complete modules of the Medical and Dentistry courses in the UK and join Clinical Rotations in one’s country of residence.

1. UK Campus

By using Order No65/M of Article 30 to prove that a University cannot change the location of the implementation of its educational programme without a new accreditation obtained, and secondly, stressing that the National Center For Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE) does not regulate Georgian Medical Programmes taught outside Georgia, they manipulate students into believing that NVU UK Campus fails to comply with these rules.

However, none of above-mentioned rules apply to the regulatory framework under which the Derby Campus will operate. Rather, the UK Campus, as part of the Georgian based University with an accredited campus in Tbilisi, will follow its current curriculum and only offer specific components instead of the full MD or DMD programme. Therefore, the attempt to reference Article 30 against the regulatory environment of the UK campus is irrelevant.

2. Clinical Rotations outside Georgia

The agency attempts a similar approach with regards to Clinical Rotation placements. They treat Clinical rotations as modules and claim that they fall under Article 30, the same article that regulates the place of implementation of the educational programme, concluding that it is illegal to do them outside of Georgia.

In reality, Clinical Rotations are regulated by Annex 3, Order No65/M (Paragraph 2.4 of Accreditation Standards) where it is clearly stated that the only legal requirement for Georgian medical programmes in order to conduct the rotations is to have an agreement with the respective clinic/hospital. So, in Georgian legislation, there is no Article prohibiting the clinical rotations in a foreign country.

Corporate competition is often a motivator for further improving quality of service or expanding the scope of services. Sadly, there will always be those who will engage and promote corporate rivalry, which leads to unethical behavior. In order for the truth to be restored, the matter has already been escalated to our legal department which has initiated legal proceedings against the ‘so called’ agency for spreading defamatory information.