Transfer of Medical Students from Ukraine or Russia to Bulgarian or Romanian Medical Universities

Transfer of Medical Students from Ukraine or Russia to Bulgarian or Romanian Medical Universities

After the unfortunate events that are currently taking place in Ukraine and Russia, Study Medicine Europe has received a very high volume of calls for transfers of Medical Students from Ukraine and Russia to Romania or Bulgaria. In particular, students of Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary programs studying in either country, Ukraine or Russia have been expressing a high interest in transferring to Medical Universities on European soil.

Seeing the urgency of the matter, as part of this effort Study Medicine Europe has discussed with its partner Universities on creating extra seats to accomodate this wave of Students and has launched a new service so as to best secure these transfers to the very next academic semester or year that the applicant left off before the hostilities took place which resulted in freezing his or her studies at a Ukranian or Russian Medical School.

Under this process, in order for all credits of applicants to be recognized, applicants must submit an official analytical transcript stating the subjects that they have passed thus far and for which they have been awarded credit equivalent to ECTS, and the grades that they have achieved in these courses. To ensure the process is smooth, applicants must also provide the official handbook (prospectus or academic calendar) of the medical, dentistry or veterinary programme of their school in Ukraine or Russia, stating the study hours, course decription and the units  taught in each subject.

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We would also like to highlight that can help all other students transfer to one of its medical, dentistry or veterinary affiliated or partner universities, and welcomes them to apply for this service, as it is the only UK student recruiting agency and academic consultancy capable of guaranteeing a place in a medical programme, not only because we are well acquainted with the differences of the various educational and examination systems due to the many years of experience in student transfers from EU or Non-EU Medical Universities to our partner Universities, but also because we have official agreements with the Universities we represent.

Finally, we also offer assistance with securing financial aid, such as scholarships, bursaries, grants and government student loans in the countries of universities we represent, besides relocation arrangements services to help you settle abroad. for more information, click here.