SME’s First Relocation for 2019 – Pleven MU

SME’s First Relocation for 2019 – Pleven MU

On Wednesday, January 30th 2019, one of the many fully accredited universities in Bulgaria, Pleven MU, welcomed its students for February entry in medical studies.

The SME Team was there to support its students with the relocation process by picking them up from the airport, host a networking event to make the students more comfortable in their new surroundings, help them open a bank account, find accommodations and even attain a SIM card including an advantageous phone package just for SME students. The week ended with a dinner party hosted by SME to say good luck to the students on their new endeavor.

On March 2nd, a re-gathering event took place with all the new students to see how they are adjusting and answer any queries about their programme. Most importantly the necessary details on how to apply for their resident permits were given before our local team will escort them to the immigration office.

SME’s promise to be alongside each and every student from the day they apply to the day they graduate is personal. All our team treat our students like they are our own children and are present every step of the way.

When our students graduate, we take the extra step to assist them in registration with the medical council, along with providing extra training to start their new career.