SME Students Successfully Relocate to Plovdiv MU

SME Students Successfully Relocate to Plovdiv MU

Just a few days before the start of the new academic year, SME students have finished the relocation process on the 25th of September and have settled into Plovdiv. Their classes at Plovdiv Medical University are due to start next week.

SME’s local team expected all the students at the Sofia airport and organised a group transfer to the hotel at Plovdiv where the initial briefing was held in order to provide them with information on all the activities that will take place now that they have arrived. During the briefing, students were able to receive their university timetables and also SME gave them their Student ID cards and Student Books. Additionally, the first night of hotel accommodation was also included on our services.

The next day, students were all escorted to the University to begin their registration process, assisted with acquiring a bank account and provided with SIM cards so that they could stay in touch with their loved ones. Students also received assistance from the SME local team in obtaining Internet access and acquiring all necessary documents for their EIHC and Bulgarian ID card.

SME hold a Networking Event where students had the opportunity to network and had the chance to talk to various real estate agents who presented any available apartments nearby the Medical University. SME staff also escorted all students to view different apartments in Plovdiv, negotiated the monthly rent, translated the accommodation contract in English, explained how the utility bills have to get paid and generally provided with full support all students to get in their new apartments the earliest.

The next activity on their agenda, for which they will also receive assistance from SME, is to visit the local police station to apply for a Bulgarian ID card. Each student will have a dedicated member of the SME team assigned to them in order to provide guidance and assistance with any issue that may arise both during the relocation period and throughout the next 6 years at the University.