SME Students Successfully Relocate to Pleven Medical University

SME Students Successfully Relocate to Pleven Medical University

Once again, Study Medicine Europe was excited to introduce our eager students to their new surroundings, as it is now time for Pleven Medical University to welcome SME students into the beginning of the February intake.

On the 31st of January, SME staff met students at Sofia International airport to help them start the relocation process and the ‘settling in’ to the next steps of their Medical Degree.

SME’s local support team briefed all students on permanent accommodation, SIM cards, bank accounts, internet access and university timetables, along with providing information on their specific itinerary over the next few days, as well as our continuing help and support for the next six years whilst the students are studying.

On the 5th of February SME’s support team escorted the students to the university to join the University’s orientation week as well as organizing the registration for the students. Also, the local team arranged a meeting with the local immigration office to have our students apply for their Bulgarian ID cards.

We wish to thank everyone involved in the successful relocation of our students to Pleven MU and we wish all of our students the very best of luck for their continued studies.