Plovdiv MU First Entrance Exam Completed

Plovdiv MU First Entrance Exam Completed

Our 2018 candidates for Plovdiv Medical University took their entrance exam on July 10th.

Students arrived at Sofia airport one day before the exam, where they were greeted by the SME local team and escorted by coach to the hotel. In the afternoon, the students were briefed on all the necessary information they needed regarding the exam procedure.

On the day of the exam they were then transported by coach, and were directed to the exam rooms where the test took place. After the exam was over, the SME team gave the students a tour of the university campus and the city of Plovdiv since it is very important to get a feel of where they will be relocating to in a few months and to get familiarized with the premises. Later on, they were transported back to Sofia airport from where they flew home.

The entrance exam consisted of chemistry and biology, and the ranking results will be released on September 17th. The next entrance exam for Plovdiv MU, will be on the 3rd of September.

We wish all the students the best of luck.