New Exclusive Cooperation with the Best, Most Affordable University in Bulgaria

New Exclusive Cooperation with the Best, Most Affordable University in Bulgaria

Further expanding its services, Study Medicine Europe is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusivity agreement with Trakia University, located in the beautiful city of Stara Zagora in Bulgaria, which is one of the top medical Universities abroad offering the best English taught programmes in Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, according to local rankings.

Specifically, this past week, 5 February 2014, our manager Aris Grigoriou (middle in photo) and Trakia University Vice Rector, Ivan Vashin (left in photo), signed an agreement (please see the photo above) that solidifies Study Medicine Europe as Trakia University’s official and exclusive representative for its medical faculty to recruit students from all over the world for the next ten years. As part of this agreement, Trakia University has allocated a specific number of seats for Study Medicine Europe for new-coming students that it recruits into the programme, so we can guarantee your entry as long as you meet minimum criteria.

The University of Stara Zagora offers taught programmes in Medicine and Veterinary Medicine in the English language, only for students whom we recruit, separately from its regular programmes. These two English taught programmes were specifically created as part of the University’s agreement with Study Medicine Europe in order to accommodate the number of recruited students. With regard to the programme:

 – Tuition fees are £4,800 (€6,000) for the programme in Medicine and £2,500 (€3,500) for the programme in Veterinary Medicine, thanks to Study Medicine Europe’s insistence during the negotiations to ensure its recruited students can enjoy the highest educational quality at the most affordable tuition fees. As a result, these programmes have the lowest tuition fees compared to any other Bulgarian medical Universities (30% lower) and are about three or four times lower than other European Universities, yet continue to offer the highest academic quality.

 – The University offers accommodation in brand new university dormitories right on campus with two separate beds in every room, at £37 per person per month (€45 per person/month). Each room has a separate WC and shower cabinet. Students have the option of securing a room exclusively to themselves without a roommate if they pay the total cost of the room (approx. £75 or €90 /month).

 – Faculty and staff include renowned European professors, and the programme also offers research opportunities for those interested, after their third or fourth year.

 – For those who intend to apply, we can also help you secure a student loan, because we have agreements with select financial institutions abroad, besides a limited number of scholarships. In addition, Trakia University now participates in the national Student Loans funding scheme of the Bulgarian Government with these financial institutions, thanks to negotiations with Study Medicine Europe, which means that students who Study Medicine Europe recruits have the opportunity to secure funding should they wish to do so at a very low fixed rate.

Due to the fact that these two Medical programmes are among the best English taught programmes available in the region, as well as the most affordable given that monthly living expenses are about £80-130 (approx. €100-150), there is a limited number of seats we have available for each entrance period for the students we recruit, so if you are interested in applying for October 2014, please contact us ASAP, so that we can guarantee your entry.

Study Medicine Europe would like to thank Trakia University for its trust and support, as well as all the students who, through their trust, have helped us become one of the largest student recruiters in Europe!

Thank you!

For more information concerning the programmes, the University and the City as well as tuition fees, click here: Medicine, Veterinary.