Medical studies with Hurdles in Czech Medical Universities

Medical studies with Hurdles in Czech Medical Universities

Study Medicine Europe has pointed out for some time in our news updates, information sessions and academic counselling offered to students and parents that studying in medical universities in the Czech Republic has become quite problematic.

Specifically, the entrance examinations for the Czech universities are quite difficult to say the least, resulting in a significant number of students interested to study in a field in medical sciences, be it medicine per se, dentistry or veterinary sciences, not being admitted to their programme and losing an entire year until the next admissions period. This, also renders our job equally difficult and full of hurdles.

Prospective students entering a university in the Czech Republic, are faced with two major academic problems.

A) success rate for each course should exceed 70% and in some Universities it should be as high as 85%, in order for the student to be entitled to continue to the next year

B) conditions for promotion and transfer of course credits from a certain year or semester to another one change frequently and often without prior notice, often on the eve of the examination period

This has resulted in many students being left abaft and treading water without any help. In fact, these reasons make it difficult or impossible for a student to complete his or her studies at the predetermined time periods, resulting in a prolongation of studies, the unbearable increase of financial burdens, and most importantly the risk of psychological collapse due to stress.

All these reasons, combined with the high cost of tuition fees and the high cost of living, have led to more and more students taking the decision to abandon their studies in the Czech Republic and try to transfer to another university.

Currently, we have had an unprecedented number of students leaving the Czech republic and asking us to help them with transfers to Bulgaria or Romania, but this is difficult because we have nearly filled capacity in certain universities.

If you are interested in a transfer, please contact us ASAP and discuss with one of our customer representatives.