July Virtual Open Days – Drawing Near

July Virtual Open Days – Drawing Near

The 3rd round of Virtual Open Days is coming up this July, and it’s an event you don’t want to miss.

The countdown for the start of the Academic year 2022-23 is on, and the SME Team is here to introduce you to some of the best English-medium Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine courses in the UK or Europe in 8 separate events; from July 2nd to July 9th at 6.00 pm each day.

Our Academic Advisors, with the help of graduates and current students, will share key info about each University, including course structure, resulting qualification, student life, graduate entry, clinical rotation opportunities in your country of residency and local council’s registration processes, in order for you to choose the school that intrigues your interest.

SME will show you the way to win one of the forty-five (45) 50% off tuition fee scholarships offered to our students in 2022. Twenty-five (25) have already been awarded, don’t miss out on the opportunity to claim one of the remaining 20!

Please find below the relevant timetable for these session(s).

  • 2nd of July: UK Campus
  • 3rd of July: Graduate Entry
  • 4th of July: Romania
  • 5th of July: Serbia
  • 6th of July: Armenia
  • 7th of July: Bulgaria
  • 8th of July: Greece
  • 9th of July: Georgia

Register HERE to join us.