Extra places for Arad University – Tuition £800 per annum!

Extra places for Arad University – Tuition £800 per annum!

Study Medicine Europe has been informed that due to exceptional circumstances of high demand by international students for the English-taught Medicine programmes at Arad University in Romania, the respective faculty has given Study Medicine Europe recruited students an extension for this year and increases its capacity.

Specifically, all positions which had been allocated by Arad University for Study Medicine Europe applicants of the 2014-2015 academic year (commencing this coming September) had been filled as early as December 2013, with the total University capacity for its Medical programmes also having been maxed out long before that, owing to the fact that the University offers unparalleled academic quality and bleeding cutting edge medical laboratory technology in its programmes at a very competitive tuition per annum (£800 GBP/year) thanks to its special and unique resource structure which does not place the financial burden of operation on students, never mind the Romanian currency exchange advantage, furthering slicing the cost of living. After tremendous demand, Study Medicine Europe requested additional seats.

The university has requested in the name of fairness and equal opportunities that there be this present public announcement with the opening of more seats for late coming applicants, with a final rigid deadline fixed for the 20th of June.

Given the limited number of seats and urgency, priority will be given on a first come first serve basis to applicants who meet the entrance criteria.

Study Medicine Europe kindly requests that all applicants who are interested in pursuing medical studies in Europe for the following academic year should expedite their application process by contacting our offices as soon as possible.