2020 SME Open Days Rescheduled

2020 SME Open Days Rescheduled

With the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions that governments have put in place, SME has had no choice but to reschedule some of their Open Days. As much as we would like to meet everyone face to face, the social distancing restrictions that have been announced by all governments is highly respected and SME wants to put everyone’s health above all.

You don’t need to wait for our Open Days for more information, contact SME now.

Please find the new dates below:

Manchester: 12th of July 2020
London: 23rd of August 2020

Dublin: 5th of July 2020

Chicago: 14th of June

Toronto: 21st of June

Melbourne: 1st of August 2020
Sydney: 2nd of August 2020

Nagpur: 7th of June 2020
Mumbai: 21st of June 2020
Delhi: 27th of June 2020
Bangalore: 12th of July 2020
Chennai: 26th of July 2020
Hyderabad: 2nd of August 2020