2018 Caucasus International University Relocation

2018 Caucasus International University Relocation

SME’s intention to bring new opportunities to our students has driven us to scan the globe for new universities. That is why we are excited to announce that our students have successfully relocated to Caucasus International University in Tbilisi, Georgia.

SME students flew out to Tbilisi on the 27th of October and the 3rd of November where they were met at the airport by the local team and whisked away by coach to a local hotel. After a bit of a rest, students gathered in one of the hotel’s meeting rooms where they were briefed by the local team on the schedule that would be followed in the coming days. SIM cards were offered as well as assistance in obtaining an internet connection. Real estate agents were at the briefing to discuss individual needs in finding an apartment.

The next day, students were taken to a local bank to pay their tuition fees and open a bank account. Later, they went to the university to register and offered a short tour of the campus.

The local support team also escorted all students to view apartments, negotiated the rent fee with landlords, translated the rental agreements in English, explained to students how to pay their bills and provided support so that students could get in their new apartments seamlessly.

SME also organized a Networking Event on the 8th of November so that new students could acquaint themselves with each other. At the event, important information concerning everything from where to shop to study tips were given current students.

We commend each student for taking the first difficult steps in realizing their dreams. We know that they will be successful. Best of luck to all!