18 Scholarships Available at our 2020 Open Days

18 Scholarships Available at our 2020 Open Days

Many students and their families have been asking our SME team about our very successful and informative Open Days for 2020 that are held in numerous cities across the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and India.

At these open days, you can put a face to the voice, receive detailed information about studying abroad and discuss your needs and queries with existing and graduate students. As an added bonus, two lucky students can win scholarships at each open day.

Click on any of the upcoming events at the city of your choice and reserve a place for you and your friends and family today. ALL OPEN DAYS ARE FREE OF CHARGE!

Birmingham: 1st of March 2020
Manchester: 26th of April 2020
London: 23rd of August 2020

Dublin: 5th of April 2020

Chicago: 14th of June

Toronto: 21st of June

Melbourne: 30th of May 2020
Sydney: 31st of May 2020

Chandigarh: 9th of February 2020
Mumbai: 16th of February 2020
Bangalore: 5th of April 2020
Chennai: 19th of April 2020
Delhi: 9th of May 2020
Hyderabad: 17th of May 2020
Nagpur: 7th of June 2020
Mumbai: 21st of June 2020
Bangalore: 12th of July 2020
Chennai: 26th of July 2020