Bulgarian Prime Minister inaugurates the new Academic Year

Bulgarian Prime Minister inaugurates the new Academic Year

On the 14th of October 2013, in Sofia, the Bulgarian Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski held a discussion about vocational education, specialization and training at the Council of Ministers building. Present were ministers, ambassadors of European countries, MEPs, MPs, heads of national organizations of employers and employees, as well as sector organizations.

Discussions included current conditions of vocational education and training in Bulgaria, as well as European instruments and non-EU investments with regard to education and vocational opportunities that are directly related to education and student recruitment.

Of particular focus were the opportunities for partnership with businesses that can benefit the educational sector and the necessary legislative amendments to make this easier. In addition, talks included the introduction of a dual education system that helps reduce youth unemployment for youngsters that do not enter higher education, as well as how to attract foreign students into the country by further improving educational standards to the point that Bulgaria has become an international educational exemplar.

Almost a month ago, on the official start of the academic year, the Bulgarian prime minister had stated that “College education is not [a matter of] quantity of knowledge, but a state of mind”, while addressing students from the University for National and World Economy in Sofia.

He also urged them never to forget that the horizon of knowledge is always open for them. “Four years of studies only seem to be a long period of time, so use them fully and wisely. Read to learn, but do not forget to build the state of mind, the way you think. Knowledge is just a window through which you must look at the economy with your own eyes, Oresharski stated, stressing economy majors were going to become the future leaders of Bulgaria.

It is not in every nation that the Prime Minister places such importance on education, and at the start of every academic year. Bulgaria is adamant on becoming a leading higher education provider for the international community, and it seems it is dedicated to that purpose.