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Study for an Undergraduate Degree in Veterinary Medicine from One of Our Partner Universities in Europe

Study Medicine Europe has partnered with some of the finest Veterinary Medicine institutions in Romania and Bulgaria. All our partner universities are internationally accredited, so students will be able to seek employment as a vet in most countries worldwide upon graduation.

Why Choose Europe for an Undergraduate Degree in Veterinary Medicine?

Universities in Romania and Bulgaria provide students with highly qualitative, entrance-free Veterinary Medicine programmes which are fully taught through English. Undergraduate degrees from our partner universities are listed in world-renowned medical directories such as the World Health Organization, the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research, the International Medical Education Directory and the AVICENNA directories.

What’s more, students who choose to study veterinary medicine in English at a Romanian or Bulgarian university can enjoy low living and study costs with annual tuition fees starting from just €4,000 per year.

Veterinary School Undergraduate Programmes in Romania and Bulgaria

Veterinary studies in Romania and Bulgaria typically last between 5.5 – 6 years. Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates are awarded the title of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).

Romanian Veterinary Medicine programmes typically focus on preclinical training during the initial 3 years, before moving on to clinical training. Students also partake in medical training practise at the end of each academic year for a minimum of 14 working days.

Veterinary Studies in Bulgaria typically comprise of 2 years of pre-clinical study, 3 years of clinical study, and 6 months of state clinical practice or internship. Please see these pages to find out more about the Veterinary Medicine programme curriculums in Romania and Bulgaria.

Why Apply for Undergraduate Veterinary Medicine with Study Medicine Europe?

We are the only recruiting organization aiding international students secure a spot at accredited undergraduate Veterinary Medicine programmes in Europe. Our representatives are experts and will guide you through the entire application process to ensure that you can realise your ambition of becoming a practicing vet.

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