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Varna Medical University Testimonial 2017

I think if you really want to study medicine you should come and definitely do it here. It’s a once in a life time opportunity. Apply, tell yourself that you can do it because you get to fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor and you’ll really enjoy it. Niarah, First-year medical student, Varna Medical University   I collected a bunch of my documents then […]

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Trakia University Testimonial 2017

 I actually have the opportunity, which most people don’t get, to actually go ahead with my life and become a doctor.  Rowail, First-year medical student, Trakia University    As student in Bulgaria I’m very lucky to have SME by my side. They have helped me throughout my application process and I know they will be with me for the next six years.  Muhammed, First-year medical […]

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Plovdiv Medical University Testimonial 2017

 I have a really good experience with SME. Initially I was really scared to transition from Ireland to Bulgaria but they made it really easy.  William, First-year medical student, Plovdiv Medical University    Don’t be worried about your lecturers or your faculty teachers. Everyone here speaks really good English.  Sai, First-year dental student, Plovdiv Medical University    Living in Plovdiv is like a holiday in […]

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Sofia Medical University Testimonial 2017

 To people who wanting to study medicine in Bulgaria, I’d say go for it.  Dwayne, First-year medical student, Sofia Medical University    One of the major advantages with SME is the amazing support that they give you both inside the UK and when you are here locally in Sofia.  Aflin, First-year dental student, Sofia Medical University    It is a bit difficult, however the lecturers […]

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