Patient Pathways in the NHS

Patient Pathways in the NHS


This November, in our Free SME Webinar, we are going to explore the integral pathway of patients through the NHS system. We hope to help you gain a better understanding of all the ways that patients can enter, move through, and leave hospitals in the UK. From the front door through to follow up, we will discuss it all.

Our guest speakers, Dr. Jeevanandan and Dr. Paranthaman will be addressing the following:

  • Understanding Patient Pathways – Definition and components.
  • Purpose and Process – Its importance and how it works.
  • Key Participants – Who is involved and who is responsible?
  • Transfers, Referrals & Discharges – Detailing each of these important processes.
  • Personal Advice – Words of wisdom for future Doctors.
The event will end with an Open Q&A with our presenter!


Dr. Prabisha Jeevanandan – SHO Clinical Fellow, East Surrey Hospital, Surrey, UK.
Dr. Kugananda Sri Paranthaman – Registrar IMT 3, East Surrey Hospital, Surrey, UK.


This event will take place on Sunday, 21st November 2021 at 6.30 pm UK Time. Click HERE to join.


6.30 – 6.40 pm Welcome
Mohsen Salim, Project Manager at SME
6.40 – 7.10 pm An Overview of Patient Pathways
Dr Prabisha Jeevanandan
7.10 – 7.40 pm Transfers, Referrals and Discharges
Dr Kugananda Sri Paranthaman
7.40 – 8.00 pm Q&A
Mohsen Salim, Project Manager at SME


  • Certificate for attendance
  • 50% discount on the Annual Premium Subscription on Lecturio for all attendees