Management of Medical Records

Management of Medical Records


This month, in our Free SME Webinar, we are going to discuss how to deal with the lesser discussed aspect of being a Doctor. We will cover the different types of electronic and handwritten documents that will come your way in a clinical setting as a junior doctor, as well as why they are essential for the high-quality care of your patients.

Our guest speaker, Dr Arun Parajuli, will be addressing:

  • Documentation in the NHS – the importance of medical records
  • Types of Documents – why they differ and when to use them
  • Taking Patient History – following the proper procedure
  • The DOs & DON’Ts – how to avoid missing small but crucial details
  • Maintaining Confidentiality – regulating access to patient info
  • Personal Advice – words of wisdom for future Doctors

The event will end with an Open Q&A with our presenter!


Dr Arun Parajuli – FY2 Academic Programme, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, UK


This symposium will take place on Sunday 1st August 2021 at 6:00 pm UK Time. Click HERE to join.


6.00 – 6.10 pm Welcome
Mohsen Salim, Project Manager at SME
6.10 – 7.20 pm Medical Documentation
Dr Arun Parajuli
7.20 – 8.00 pm Q&A
Mohsen Salim, Project Manager at SME
  • Certificate for attendance
  • 50% discount on the Annual Premium Subscription on Lecturio for all attendees