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Why Study Medicine at Sumy State University in Ukraine?


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Tuition fees

Medicine: $4,300/year

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Medicine: 6 Years




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Graduate Entry

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Clinical Rotations

Up to the last 3 years

+  Why Choose Sumy State University?
  • Located in Sumy city in the North-East of Ukraine, Sumy State University (SSU) currently serves about 16,000 students.
  • The university boasts a vibrant international student community with about 1,300 foreign students representing over 50 different countries.
  • The university rankings organisations Webometrics, U-Multirank and uniRank rate SSU as one of the top universities in Ukraine.
  • SSU has strong international connections and cooperates with over 200 partners from all over the world.
  • SSU is home to almost 100 sports clubs and many students have gone on to compete in the Olympic Games, World and European Championships.
+ What does the Medicine course involve?
  • The Medicine course lasts for six years and is taught entirety through English.
  • Class groups are small, consisting of about 8-10 students.
  • The course combines different fundamental and clinical disciplines.
  • In second and third year, students undertake clinical studies which allows them to gain practical experience in patient care.
  • Medical students are encouraged to partake in academic mobility programmes, international conferences, summer international practice and volunteering.
+ What do the SME Clinical Rotations in the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA & Australia Involve?
  • SME offers students studying medicine at SSU the opportunity to complete international clinical rotations for up to three years in medical facilities and hospitals.
  • SME matches students to international placements in line with their SSU curriculum in professional medical settings in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia.
  • Applicants for the clinical rotations must apply to SME with:
    • Their CV and clinical rotations preferences (location, department and duration of placement).
    • Official authorisation of paperwork submission from the SSU Professor coordinating their university programme.
  • SME will review applications in order of submission with places limited; offers are based on the successful matching the clinical facility with the applicant’s preferences.
  • International clinical experience is invaluable training for medicine students as they are able to diversify their practical skills while learning from medical professionals in dynamic facilities and regions.
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+ Is Online Study Offered?
  • According to Paragraph 3 of Order, No 1541 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, online learning is strictly prohibited for any medicine programmes. Thus, students must relocate to Ukraine and be present at the local Ukrainian medical university if they wish to study.
  • Online learning is not recognised by any of the world’s Medical Council.
  • In the UK, the General Medical Council (GMC), requires the following for international medicine:
    • A minimum of 5,500 Clock Hours.
    • Clock hours consist only of Lectures, Tutorials (Seminars) and Clinical Training.
    • This does not include Distance Learning, Exams or Individual Work.
  • In the US, the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG):
    • Approves medical schools that have a physical campus, and
    • Whose main educational operations are conducted in the country of registration.
  • When medical graduates apply for registration, all Medical Councils assess the evidence of studies, including online study:
    • For online studies performed during Covid-19, students should have a formal reason prepared, including evidence and exception documentation which can be produced upon request.
+  What does the Medicine programme cost?
Programmes Programme Starts Annual Fees ()
Medicine October & March 3,300
Living Costs Monthly () Annually ()
Rent (Private Accommodation) 100200 1,2002,400
Food 120 1200
Books 180
Electricity & Gas 18 180
Water 2 20
TV Cable/Internet 8 80
Public Transportation 7 70
Total 255355 2,9004,100
+  Admission to Sumy State University
Applicants must provide the following information:
  1. An application which includes the following details: bio, education history and course for which you are applying.
  2. A copy of your secondary education results with subjects studied.
  3. Documents from your home country confirming that you are authorised to study in Ukraine.
  4. Two small photos of 4-5cm.
All documents need to be translated into Ukrainian to satisfy state directives.
+  Is Graduate Entry Offered?
  • Graduate entry is not allowed in Ukraine as local medical universities don’t recognise non-Ukrainian Bachelor’s degrees due to the significant differences between the study programme of the medicine course and the foreign BSc degree. Thus, Ukrainian medical transcripts cannot include subjects studied in a Bachelor’s degree.
+  Life in Sumy
  • Colloquially known as the “City of Students”, approximately 44,000 students live in Sumy.
  • The scenic city of Sumy is located in the North-East of Ukraine on the banks of the beautiful Psel River.
  • One of the great cultural centres of Ukraine, Sumy boasts a number of theatres, museums, and art galleries. It also plays host to several internationally-acclaimed music festivals.
  • Architecture buffs will delight in the many beautiful buildings and churches which are scattered throughout the city.
  • The city has a well-connected public transport system which includes trains, buses and taxis.
+  Living in Ukraine
  • Europe’s largest country, the fascinating nation of Ukraine boasts a wealth of diverse cultures.
  • Ukrainians are well-known for their openness and hospitality.
  • An ideal spot for nature-lovers, Ukraine is renowned for its beautiful landscapes which include stunning mountains, breathtaking lakes and 20 natural reserves.
  • With its low cost of living and excellent educational system, Ukraine is a perfect option for students.
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