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The Sumy State University in Sumy, Ukraine is rates as one of the top universities in Ukraine by Webometrics, U-Multirank and uniRank. The university has about 1300 foreign students from 50 different countries boasting a diverse student community. The student reviews speaks of their experiences and knowledge studying medicine in Sumy, Ukraine!

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from two current students at SSU in Sumy, Ukraine.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at SSU Ukraine

Eniola is a first-year student studying at Sumy State University

How was your initial experience with SME?

Eniola explained that her first experience with SME was good because they followed though with her on every question and requirements also ensuring she was satisfied with everything. Eniola said “My experience with SME has been very positive from the initial moment when I was considering to study medicine, they were very helpful in providing information following through with emails making sure I am satisfied with the information that was provided.”

How was SME helpful when arriving in Ukraine for the first time?

According to Eniola, SME was very helpful when she arrived Ukraine because they helped her with all the admin work from sim card to bank accounts and also had a local person who helped in communicating in the local language. Eniola said “When it comes to getting sim cards, open a bank account and he was very helpful in providing this information and helping us navigate through the Ukrainian system.”

How was the help or support as a student studying in Sumy, Ukraine?

help with almost any type of problem or issue a student come across and also speaks the local language. She shares “Reassurance if I ever have any issues and difficulties, there is someone there on ground in the country that I have contact with which was the city manager that can help me through if I have any issues but also that if that is something out of my control and out of the city manager’s capacity of dealing with.”

How was your experience studying in Sumy, Ukraine?

Studying in a medical university in Sumy, Ukraine was a very new experience for Eniola since it was very different comparing to what she was used to. “The approach to university here is quite different than what I was used to so it took a bit of time for me to get used to and regarding the lecturing and the teaching system and test everyday puts you quite on the edge.”

How was it like living abroad in Sumy, Ukraine?

Living in away from home was definitely difficult Eniola said but in Sumy she had great phone and network connection allowing her to keep in touch with family and friends back home via social media and WhatsApp. “So of course the move have been difficult and because first of all you are away from home and family but that being said there is social media, there is WhatsApp there nowadays so it does make talking to them much much easier.”

What you will like to share based on your experience in Sumy, Ukraine?

Eniola agrees that the course in Sumy is tough but also the later benefits are great and it is possible to make it through the course with the right mindset. Eniola shares “It is a tough course but other than that you do have to think about the benefits that will come from that and if you’re in it for the right reason well than you will make it through.”

Tori is a first-year student studying at Kiev Medical University

How was your initial experience with SME?

SME has been great to Tori and helped her in applying for medical studies in Sumy, Ukraine. She explained “SME has been really great, so they’ve helped me through my process of applying to medical school.”

How was the application process with SME like?

Tori shared that SME made the application process very easy and helpful by assisting her throughout the entire process from end to end. She said “From the process of applying, getting my documents together and up to this point they literally helped me through every step of the way and it’s just made my journey so much more easier than it would be if I was doing this alone.”

What was your experience when first arriving in Sumy, Ukraine?

Arriving in Sumy, Ukraine for the first time, Tori mentioned that she was picked up from the airport and settled in a hotel while being guided by a city manager throughout the registration process of the university. Tori explains “ To when we got here there was a city manager who picked us up from the airport. Took us to Sumy. We stayed in a hotel together and we basically did everything together so all the process of getting registered into the university.”

How did city managers assisted you settling into Sumy, Ukraine?

Tori said that the city manager of Sumy, Ukraine helped her integrate properly because he was a local Ukrainian who knew the system and the local language. “He was able to put us through because he was Ukrainian who knew the system quite well so he just made it so much more smooth and he was helping us translate. So when we were trying to get an apartment talking to the landlord was a bit difficult because of the difference in the language but he was there to translate for us and tell them what we wanted that way we were able to get all the things that we wanted in the house ”

How was your experience living in Sumy, Ukraine?

Tori shared that living in Sumy was very different comparing to the UK but the city was nice and so were the people in the city as well as the diverse students in the university. Tori shares “Living in Sumy is actually different from what I expected and very much different than how it is in the UK but it is quite nice. The city, people, teachers and students.”

How was the best experience you have had in Sumy, Ukraine?

Meeting people from different parts of the world with different cultures was the most interesting thing for Tori and also to be able to learn and gain knowledge of the various cultures. Tori said “I’d say that the best part of my experience here in Sumy is meeting different kinds of people from places across the world so they’re actually in their own elements and they’re just like very different in the way they do things and it is quite interesting because I am learning more culturally and I am just getting like a wider knowledge of people from different cultures and that is quite interesting.”

What would you say to people who are thinking of studying medicine?

Being exactly sure that they really want to study medicine is vital as per Tori if they will like to pursue their career in medicine. Tori explains “I’d say for someone who is thinking of doing medicine, just think about it over and over again and be sure that this is a hundred percent what you wanted.”
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