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Study Medicine Europe understands that it is difficult and stressful for most students to travel abroad and need to complete several procedural activities such as the opening of a local bank account.

We assist students open a bank account or open it on their behalf if they provide us with a limited power of attorney-in-fact, saving you from the situation to review documents in a language you clearly do not understand, or advise you on possible loopholes and hidden fees written in this foreign language. In case you wonder how we manage this, we have agreements with financial institutions for utilizing the EU regional support development packages for businesses under a sworn affidavit, so not only is your student loan secured, but we can also help you get special rates for various financial services.

If you apply for a student loan in order to pay for your tuition fees, you definitely need a local bank account abroad, but even if you do not plan to get a student loan, having a bank account in a foreign country as a student can help you get various privileges and easement, including a specially designed student savings account, in addition to swift payment of your tuition fees.

Moreover, the financial institutions we are affiliated with give priority to our students due to our agreements, as we bring hundreds of students each year, so we can help you get special rates for various banking services.

In addition, knowing that many university offices do not accept cash for security reasons, having a local bank account is definitely convenient because it also helps you pay small fees about small university transactions (including your photocopies card and start up library account fees or miscellaneous administrative fees, besides a meal plan card, all of which except the last one are small amounts ranging from 1-8 pounds).

To sum up, if you really want to open a bank account, our student representatives can escort you to one of our affiliated financial institutions of your choice, and help with any interpretation concerning supporting documents, whether it concerns online banking, credit card small print, or a simple savings account. Besides, giving you guidance as per the required documentation and relevant applications invariably in the local language, our representatives can give you a temporary address until the documents of your lease or rental agreement is in order or until you make up your mind for the private accommodation of your choice.

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