Personalised Education at New Vision University

Personalised Education at New Vision University

SME would like to inform prospective students about the unique opportunity for a flexible/personalised programme provided by New Vision University.

The University follows the Georgian legislation which states that students of higher educational institutions are entitled to a personalised educational plan depending on their individual needs. More specifically:

1. The Georgian Parliament describes the regulatory guidelines of Higher Education in ‘The Law of Georgia on Higher Education’ and explains the concept of Individual Educational Programme in Article 2 of Chapter I.

‘(v) Individual Educational Programme – a programme prepared in accordance with the interests and levels of the academic training of students;’

2. The National Center For Educational Quality Enhancement, regulatory body of all Universities in Georgia, states the following at the Accreditation Standard 2.5.

‘Teaching and learning methods are flexible and take student’s individual necessities into consideration. If necessary, individual programme is created and utilized in accordance with the interest and academic readiness of the student;’

New Vision University has integrated the aforementioned legal framework by developing internal rules that regulate the process of implementing personalised education. These rules are documented in Article 37 of the Regulation on Carrying out Educational and Research Activities handbook.