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If you are not happy at your current university programme in medicine, dentistry or veterinary science, if you are paying very high tuition fees for what you get at your current school, if you have little or no financial support or funding to cope with or to continue your studies, such as bursaries, scholarships or student loans, if your programme is in a language other than English and wish to study in an English taught programme, or if you just began studying at an academic institution in a field that you do not enjoy and wish to switch into course track that leads to a medical degree in order to become a physician, dentist or veterinary, then you should consider transferring to one of our partner Universities.

When it comes to transfers, Study Medicine Europe can consult with you or with your parents about various options and find solutions that are aligned to your dreams and qualifications as well as your budget. Whatever the case may be, if you need a transfer, we can help secure a place into one of our medical partner Universities with which we have special agreements, and we may even be able to help you count some of your existing credits to accelerate your studies by one or many semesters into senior years.

Such applications are not much different than regular applications, but no less difficult, nonetheless, because there is the added risk that if you apply on your own, your existing credits will not be counted toward your new programme. Study Medicine Europe can help secure a position for you, and try to have the university recognize some or all of your existing credits.

Even if you already have or are working on acquiring a degree from a university inside or outside the EU, or have credits from university courses that are not officially recognized in the UK, the EU or elsewhere, we can help you get these credits recognized by placing you in a study stream that overlaps these with medical studies subjects, thus placing you in good stead for entering a medical degree stream (even within a higher semester or year), especially if your current, previous, or incomplete studies were or are in fields related to sciences, biomedics, pharmacy, nursing, or dietetics, among other related fields. To be sure if your existing credits in any field, even in fields not mentioned above, can be used towards medical studies, please contact us.

Most students who come to us for transfers do so not only because the universities we represent in Romania and Bulgaria have a great name internationally and are accredited globally, offering some of the best education in the European Union and the world, but also because this top education is offered by these universities at very affordable tuition fees due to the low currency exchange rate in these countries and the low cost of life, yet without sacrificing any of the quality of education you would expect in any other internationally acclaimed institution nor giving up any of the quality and amenities and services in any other European city; after all, all Bulgarian and Romanian products and services abide by EU standards and legislation.

For more information, on how to get a transfer, please contact one of our representatives now! We can help actualize your academic dreams, and our guidance will prescribe your professional future! We will make sure that you will be glad you changed your existing school to enter one of our medical partner universities!

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