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Royal Society of Medicine invites Study Medicine Europe

Posted on 05 Jun 2015

The Royal Society of Medicine invited Study Medicine Europe to their Medical Careers Advisory Conference to offer their professional opinion and insight to an audience of teachers and career advisors in supporting their students who wish to study medicine. The conference was held on Thursday the 4th of June, 2015 at the Royal Society of Medicine. Study Medicine Europe was represented by Recruitment Manager Aris Grigoriou who gave a speech about the opportunities UK students have in studying abroad and in particular Central and Eastern Europe.

Mr. Grigoriou discussed the barriers UK students have in studying medicine in the UK such as the fact that out of the 67,146 UK students, who applied to med school in 2014, only 6,577 were accepted. In other words, even triple-A A level students were left out since only 9% found a place in a UK medical university.

He outlined the benefits that students gained by studying abroad for instance lower tuition fees and cost of living expenses, easier admission requirements and a student lifestyle which leaves nothing to be desired. Mr. Grigoriou also highlighted how medical education within the European community is regulated by EU Directives and that qualifications obtained anywhere within Europe are formally recognized in all other European countries.

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