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Acquiring work experience might seem like climbing a mountain for some, but we have special agreements with our partner Medical Universities in Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Bulgaria or Romania to help you get off on the right foot by bringing you home one year before you graduate! Specifically, Study Medicine Europe affords students who are near graduation the luxury of completing part of their internship (last year of studies) in UK University Hospitals or Clinics with which our Partner Universities are affiliated. Every year, Study Medicine Europe actively seeks to expand such cooperative programmes by liaising each of our Medical partner Universities with UK University Hospitals providing postgraduate education. In this way, we broaden the specialization training opportunities available to our students. What is more, we even organize career and internship fairs so as to disseminate information to students and parents directly. Study Medicine Europe helps you submit internship requests and forms as we have a large roster of vacancies in which employers participate in our annual activity. We help you choose the right internship position for you to maximize your success and we confirm that you meet the criteria before we even send an application, to ensure there is no failure. You may even have your internship application processed by our representatives! We announce the nomination results for a job interview, and even help you with interview training (see our relevant section). We organize briefing sessions for interns and may even be able to provide you with evaluation forms for intern’s performance filled by supervisors to give you a sense of the duties and an inside perspective! Better yet, in some cases we issue your internship certificate along with your supervisor’s grades and send it to your University for inclusion in your graduation transcripts! All you have to do is go to your graduation!
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