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If your dream has always been to become a medical professional, be it a doctor, a dentist or a veterinarian, and you possess academically accredited knowledge and qualifications in these fields or have completed undergraduate or graduate studies in related fields, please contact one of our representatives for more information now! More specifically, if you already are a professional, whether as part of a medical staff team or related industries and service sectors, including pharmaceuticals or nursing for example, but need to upgrade your qualifications and skills, be it in pursuit of a promotion, a better job position or a career change, or whether you were a student who has graduated in a field related to medicine or that included or focused on subjects related to medicine, such as biomedical studies, science in general, pharmacy, diatetics, or nursing, to name but a few, we can help you enter medical school in a discipline that is aligned to your interests and your abilities, after consulting with you. We have special agreements with the universities we officially represent, so we can help you count most, if not all, your credits and thus enable you to study not just in a senior semester or the second year, but in some cases even in the third year, which can help save you money and time by accelerating your studies. Such applications are often very competitive, and very difficult, as they invariably include documents and complex factors of elements pertinent to your qualifications that you may not have thought could increase your chances of being accepted into medical school, let alone skipping a year or two. Better yet, even if you have acquired a degree from a university inside or outside the EU, or have credits from university courses that are not officially recognized in the UK, the EU or elsewhere, or you have studied in a programme taught in a language other than English, we can help you get these credits recognized by placing you in a study stream that overlaps these with medical studies subjects, thus placing you in good stead for entering a medical degree stream, even within a higher semester or year(s). After consulting with you, Study Medicine Europe can help secure a position for you at one of our partner universities, listening to your needs and your dreams, and balancing these with a realistic plan and course of action that can guarantee your entry into a programme by re-routing your academic and professional career towards success! For more information on graduate entry services contact one of our representatives or click at ArmeniaGeorgiaBulgariaRomania.
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