Student Testimonials for University of Belgrade

Student Testimonials for University of Belgrade

In this video, you will hear students’ testimonial on what it is like to relocate and start your studies at the oldest medical school in the Balkan region, Belgrade University.

SME understands that lots of medical students like to study in universities that have a history. Students from all parts of the world have applied through SME to study at Belgrade University. After taking the entrance exams in their own country, the students that qualified were given relocation information and once they arrived in Belgrade they were met by the country manager which escorted them to their hotel.

Once settled, the students were gathered and briefed about what was to happen in the days to come. They were also assisted in filling out all necessary paperwork to be able to open a bank account, receive a new SIM card, register to get their study permits and register at the university. For the next days they were escorted to accomplish all tasks and also to find private accommodation.

When all the students were settled, the SME team held a dinner party in honor of the students and their new beginning.

To watch the testimonial video, click HERE.