Student Endorsements for Trakia University

Student Endorsements for Trakia University

Students from Trakia University would like to share their highlights and experiences about registering through SME and what it’s really like to relocate and study aboard. In the following video, you can hear their endorsements about what they did to pursue their dreams of studying medicine or veterinary in Bulgaria.

SME understands the importance of studying abroad and we work effortlessly to make that experience happen for you. Students from around the world apply through SME to study medicine or veterinary at Trakia University. SME was there to assist and support all their students throughout their relocation process, providing them with all the necessary information for their upcoming arrival into the enchanting city of Stara Zagora.

All students arrived together and were greeted by the country manager. Students were then taken to their temporary accommodation at the designated hotel. Once everyone was settled in, a briefing was held outlining the schedule for the week and the activities which need to be completed by all. Students were assisted with completing all necessary paperwork to open a bank account, receive a new SIM card, apply for their residence permit, register for their student ID cards, and most importantly register at the university. Students were then assisted with securing their private accommodations and there was even enough time for an enjoyable city tour.

After a very busy week, the SME team made sure that every student was settled in and ready to start their studies. A group dinner party was organized to welcome all the new students and SME wished them every success in their new venture.

Here at SME will continue to be by the student’s side throughout their years of study and upon their graduation. SME will assist in their transition back home, including registering with the UK or US Medical Council and preparation of their professional CVs.

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