The improvement of the education level in Bulgaria

The improvement of the education level in Bulgaria

According to official statistics of the Bulgarian state, there is a clear improvement in the education level of the local population, in comparison to earlier years.

More specifically:

a) There is a notable increase in the number of Bulgarian students who choose to pursue their studies after they obtain their high school diploma – 8% more Bulgarian students for the academic year 2011-2, compared to 2007-8. This is an evolution that marks the citizens’ will for progress. It is noteworthy that candidates show a preference toward specific scientific fields, such as Management and Polytechnical Schools. Those preferences are more prominent in urban centers than in the province.

b) There is also an increase in the percentage of foreign students in Bulgarian Universities. As of 2011-2, their number has increased by 8%, compared to the previous year. We should not overlook the fact that even more foreign students choose to pursue their studies in a Bulgarian Institution. On the contrary, we should stress out that these Universities are becoming very popular, due to their qualitative courses that lead to the acquisition of competitive degrees.

c) The Bulgarian students are becoming more fluent in foreign languages, thanks to the regular inclusion of relative teaching subjects in the school program. The English language remains the most popular among students, by a percentage of 88%. This means that the future graduates will be able to follow the international bibliography without a problem and will be capable of communicating effectively with their foreign colleagues.

The above data allow us to jump into several conclusions. First of all, we should praise the efforts of the Bulgarian government to improve the education system of their country. Secondly, we should also laud the Bulgarian students for realizing that the times are changing and becoming more challenging. Finally, this situation is extremely favorable for any foreign student who wishes to come and live in Bulgaria, since it will be much easier for him/her to communicate with the local population.

As it seems, the road for the Bulgarian Universities is open.