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We are a team of experienced people and managers in the field of education in Europe, we know and understand completely the need of prospective students ready to undergo university study abroad or the major concerns that parents may have who need to secure a place for their son or daughter in one of our respective partner universities. So whether your dream has been and is becoming a medical professional (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine etc), from a well known university, but you couldn’t secure a place in your home country university or you are looking for cheap university providing high level of education and a medical university with a respective rating internationally, you are looking to pursuit your study abroad in English, our team is here to assist you, in each step of your new beginning, and your family!

Guaranteed Entry
Our fifteen years of experience in the field of Education Consultancy will reassure you a certain academic placement in our Affiliated Universities. We have managed to develop solid and strong relations with our partner Universities, so if you meet minimum requirements in our skills assessment and qualification, you’re going to study in Medical University otherwise we will refund you that’s a promise! We provide the best quality of academic services and we can promise you that we will meet the majority of your expectations and needs successfully since we have many years of academic experience and knowledge.

Lowest tuition fees
Our Education Organisation provides you the opportunity to study in Medical Universities of Europe which are considered to be among the most affordable within the European Union making them a global hub for Medical and Dental studies.

Over the last decade the popularity of medical studies has increased, while the places offered around the world by Medical Universities remains limited, resulting in higher tuition fees and increased competition. The mounting costs of earning a medical education degree continue to be a heavy burden to the majority of medical students and their families for years after studies, as many leave school carrying large, often a live-figure debt, something which discourages many of the prospective medical student from pursuing studies, be this at home or abroad. Study Medicine Europe collaborates with a select number of accredited and well-known European Universities located in the Balkanian country of Bulgaria and Romania, specifically for this reason: they offer high-quality medical education globally, mixed with the most economical tuition fees due to these countries’ low living cost and currency exchange rate. Better yet, based on our decade-long experience in this domain, we at Study Medicine Europe offer premium services, but not at a premium price, and can help you secure a position in one of these universities; in fact we can guarantee it, as long as you meet the minimum requirements, and even if you don’t, we can advise you on how to do so and help you get there.

We are the only student recruitment firm that guarantees to students a secure place at a European Medical University, actively supporting students during their whole period of studies till graduation and beyond! Through Study Medicine Europe you can enjoy: Guaranteed Entry (even with low grades); No Entrance Exam (select schools); Most Affordable Tuition Fees (from €5,000 annually); Lowest Living Costs (from €4,000 per year): as well as Financial Aid assistance (student loans, grants, etc.).

Support and guidance for successful admission
We can assure that candidate students succeed in any entry tests and we also ensure that candidates are accompanied by our representatives in Medical University that they have applied to.

As for the entry test, we ensure prospective students succeed in any entry tests (if applicable) offering carefully selected notes, tutorials or lessons during the summer or winter semesters, depending on the program start date of your first semester. And we always attend the tests in the examination centers either at the capital of your country (or our offices) or at the Medical University you have applied to.

24/7 Support – Communication – Advice – Counselling
Our accredited representatives are approachable on 24/7 basis for any inquiries (e-mail, Skype, mobile). We are periodically check our e-mail daily and reply within the day through providing immediate feedback.

With our on-site campus staff, we facilitate students during their study years up until graduation with several issues that may occur during their academic life. We also check their academic progress and provide sufficient and individual academic support if they ask for it. We ensure the success of prospective students in any entry tests (if applicable) using carefully selected notes or through tutorials provided during the summer or winter semesters, depending on the program start date of the first semester that prospective students have applied for, and we always attend the tests in the examination centers either at the capital of your country or at the Medical University you have applied to.

Complete feedback and skills assessment
We do not alter the truth and facts. After having assessed and formed a complete analysis of the requirements which are related to the chosen field of medical study (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or veterinary medicine), as well as the needs and expectations of the candidate student, you will be provided with a sufficient and detailed plan of actions fitted to prospective study alternatives on a number of Medical Universities from which we represent, as well as the conditions that must be met for this to come to materialize, including everything from costs and expenses in the countries of each University to admission requirements to tuition fees.

Official Representatives of Accredited Medical Universities
We officially represent and are affiliated with the best state-owned medical universities in Central and South Europe, having signed cooperation contracts with these institutions and various academic organizations (private clinics) and hospitals. We take over the completion and submitting of candidates required for admission to Medical Universities of your preference and we collect as well as translate all required supporting documents in English or the language of the country of the Medical University.

Accommodation & Arrival Services
We register candidate students at the University, we arrange living accommodations (student residence or private residence) and help them settle in and inform them about the new environment, besides handling any procedural or legislative issues or issues that may arise in the complete procedure of your arrival and lodging in the country.

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