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Study Medicine Europe offers a comprehensive suite of academic services to support student learning throughout their undergraduate/graduate programmes in medicine and dentistry. This focused service suite incorporates specific resources to ensure students are in a position to access diverse educational supports that align with their programme modules. The offering of educational symposiums consists of online academic webinars that cover medicine and dentistry topics available to all SME students across the range of medical programmes.

SME Online Higher Education Webinar Series

The academic webinar service is structured as an educational resource that will align with course modules for the medicine and dentistry programmes. The topics covered incorporate theoretical and research content presented by medical experts who have extensive knowledge to lead symposium sessions. Both current undergraduate/graduate programme students and alumni from SME can access the webinars to gain further knowledge on the topics as well as access the content in conjunction with their current studies or work.

Benefits of Symposiums for Tertiary Medical & Dentistry Studies

The symposium support service is designed to expand on the rigour of a student’s academic programme and reinforce a medicine or dentistry programme for long-term and short-term studies. Webinars are an invaluable cornerstone of dynamic study and complement each programme’s pre-clinical and clinical modules in conjunction with other SME services such as academic support, tutoring and follow-ups.

Presentation content in the symposium webinars is diverse to encompass the modules of medicine and dentistry as well as to provide professional advice for SME students and graduates.

Topics covered can include:

Live webinars also include the opportunity to directly discuss and ask questions of SME’s guest experts and keynote speakers. These interactive sessions mean students have the opportunity to engage with experts as well as diversify their theoretical and practical studies with the resource of interactive symposium academia.

Dynamic Educational Approached for Medicine & Dentistry Programme Success

Students completing their medicine or dentistry programme successfully requires a consistent structure of study combined with the availability of services that enables them to focus on their training while planning for their career after graduation.

All undergraduate/graduate students can support their studies and access SME’s full range of resources including:

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