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Why study Undergraduate Entry Dentistry in English at Bogomolets National Medical University?


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+Why choose Bogomolets National Medical University?
  • Bogomolets National Medical University (BNMU) is one of the oldest and best-regarded medical universities in Kiev and all of Ukraine.
  • BNMU’s heritage of clinical and academic excellence combined with its modern facilities make it one of the most innovative and robust urban tertiary environments.
  • The medical programmes at BNMU currently attract over 10,000 students including a strong international community of 1,300 students from over 55 countries.
  • The study and research culture of the university is based on respect and inclusivity, with a competitive study offering in medical disciplines backed by international academic partnerships.
  • BNMU is engaged in scientific and educational cooperation with institutions including the United Kingdom’s Oxford University and Sweden’s Carolina Institute.
  • Graduates from BNMU’s dentistry programmes currently practise all over the world including the United States of America, Australia, and China.
+What does the 5-Year Undergraduate Dentistry programme involve?
  • BNMU offers the 5-Year Undergraduate Dentistry Programme in Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Students study all dentistry modules in English at the university’s campus as well as being integrated with partner facilities including Kiev’s hospitals and science research centres.
  • The dentistry programme attracts many international students due to BNMU’s international reputation, global partnerships and progressive pedagogical frameworks.
  • The programme is structured into two semesters each year with pre-clinical and clinical modules including foundations of dental practice and clinical dentistry.
  • Students develop professional skills throughout their five-year programme and graduate with technical knowledge as well as demonstrated procedural knowledge.
  • Graduates from BNMU dentistry are recognised in the global market for the quality of their qualification from a top-ranked university and currently work in the United Kingdom, Sweden, and India.
+How much does the Programme cost?
Programme Programme Starts Annual Fees ()
Dentistry October & March 4,700
Living Costs Monthly () Annually ()
Rent (Private Accommodation) 130260 1,5403,080
Food 160 1,540
Books 240
Electricity & Gas 30 240
Water 3 30
TV Cable/Internet 10 110
Public Transportation 9 90
Total 330460 3,7305,270
+Admission to Bogomolets National Medical University
Applicants must provide the following information:
  1. An application which includes the following details: bio, education history and course for which you are applying.
  2. A copy of your secondary education results with subjects studied.
  3. Documents from your home country confirming that you are authorised to study in Ukraine.
  4. Two small photos of 4-5cm.
All documents need to be translated into Ukrainian to satisfy state directives.
+ Life in Kiev
  • Kiev is a fascinating fifth century city and the capital of Ukraine.
  • The city is home to over two million residents and one of Europe’s largest cities.
  • Kiev is unique for withstanding centuries of historic events and rebuilding while preserving authentic architecture.
  • Ukraine’s capital draws in residents and visitors with its history, cultural density, traditional cuisine, and range of attractions.
  • The city is a mix of traditional architecture and cosmopolitan facades plus extensive natural greenspaces.
  • Residents and visitors can easily navigate the city and regional cities with public transport options including buses, trams, a metro, and trains.
  • Kiev is a major destination capital yet it offers fantastic quality of life despite having comfortably low costs for living and lifestyle options.
+Living in Ukraine
  • Ukraine is the largest country in Europe and the second largest on the European continent.
  • The country is famed for its wealth of culture, nature and architecture as well as its complex history.
  • Ukrainian culture is highly unique based on its folk traditions, language, history, and society.
  • Visitors are attracted to the spectacular scenery including glacier melt, waterfalls, Black Sea coastline, ancient forests, mountains, and steppes.
  • Ukraine also boasts seven World Heritage Sites.
  • The farmland is especially rich due to the ‘Black Soil’ and it has impressive food production plus delicious cuisine.
  • Ukrainian people are friendly, openhearted, proud and hospitable.
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