An A&E Survival Guide

An A&E Survival Guide


This June, in our Free SME Webinar, we are going to discuss how to overcome the toughest situation any doctor must go through. We will cover highly disputed professional and acute scenarios that you can find yourself stuck in as junior doctor, as well as the process of overcoming difficult situations with patients.

Our guest speaker, Dr Simren Dhaliwal, will be addressing:

  • Working Under Pressure – the golden rules of critical situations
  • On-calls & Night Shifts – how to cope and stay alert
  • Difficult Patients – how to handle a non-compliant patient
  • Doctors’ Rights – how much of a say do doctors have
  • DNR/DNACPR – following the patient’s wishes
  • Case Studies – examining real-life clinical scenarios
  • Personal Advice – words of wisdom for future Doctors

The event will end with an Open Q&A with our presenter!


Dr Simren Dhaliwal – FY1 Programme, James Paget Hospital, Norfolk, UK


This event will take place on Sunday, June 6th 2021 at 7.00 pm UK Time. Click HERE to join.


7.00 – 7.05 pm Welcome
Mohsen Salim, Project Manager at SME
7.05 – 8.20 pm Working in A&E
Dr Simren Dhaliwal
8.20 – 9.00 pm Q&A
Mohsen Salim, Project Manager at SME
  • Certificate for attendance
  • 50% discount on the Annual Premium Subscription on Lecturio for all attendees