Plovdiv MU Journey Video

Plovdiv MU Journey Video

Our SME family has increased in size. In this video, SME proudly shows the decisive students’ relocating and getting a head start with Plovdiv Medical University, Bulgaria. At SME, we know what it is like to have a dream and since all our students are like family, we strive to make all career dreams and goals become a reality and we are always finding ways to satisfy their needs as we would do for our own children.

SME’s local staff were at the airport on September 20th and 27th 2018 to greet the student groups and escort them to the hotel where they settled in and attended a detailed presentation for the next days to come.

All queries were answered and any necessary paperwork prepared with the students so as to make all transactions simple. This included, opening a bank account, receiving an exclusive SIM card phone package, preparing their registration papers for the university, and applying for a local ID Card.

The SME Team escorted the students to each location and helped with each task, ensuring that their new beginning in a different country was made simple.

SME once again fulfilled their promise to be alongside their students from the start and will continue to be by their side during their study years, and will proudly be there to stand alongside their students when they complete their studies. At SME, our students become our family.

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