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Steve Grigoriou
Mr. Grigoriou is the Chief Executive Officer of Study Medicine Europe. He is responsible for formulating and successfully implementing company policy as well as leading the company’s service development and business strategy. Steve has 25 years of experience in the field of educational services and student recruitment, and is also the founder and director of “Mathisi Schools” language schools with branch offices in the countries of Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of Patra.

James Cranigel
Mr. Cranigel has extensive knowledge in civil and commercial law and, as the head of the Legal Department, is responsible for the company’s legal affairs. He has broad experience as a legal advisor for a number of large recruitment companies in Bulgaria and Romania. James holds a degree in law from Bucharest University.

Jim Kraspi
Mr. Kraspi has been with Study Medicine Europe for the past 3 years as head of the Marketing and Public Relations Department. His primary duties cover the development of marketing strategy, media relations, corporate relations, community relations and external matters. Jim has worked for more than 10 years as marketing advisor in a number of USA and UK corporations. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Sofia University.

Sabine Mayer
Mrs. Mayer has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance from the University of Amsterdam. As head of the Accounting & Finance Department she is mainly responsible for the financial strategy, budget management, auditing and procurement for Study Medicine Europe. Sabine has 12 years of experience in financial operations and financial management in educational institutions, having worked for a number of schools and recruitment companies.

Michaela Kies
Mrs. Kies is responsible for the Logistics Department. Her main roles include coordinating the Student Recruitment Managers along with the Country and City Managers in the various University locations. She has over 10 years of experience in her related field and has been with Study Medicine Europe for the last 4 years. Michaela holds an International Operations & Logistics Management degree from Reutlingen University.
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