Become a GP in the UK

Become a GP in the UK


In the complimentary SME webinar of February, we will deliver all the essential information required to prepare medical students who hope to become UK based GPs (General Practitioners).

Our presenters; a GP Principal Dr Rasheed and a GP Trainer & Partner Dr Salako will cover:

  • Steps for Medical Students to become a GP.
  • Selection Criteria for Junior Doctors who want to specialise into general practice.
  • GP Training; the insights and outlines of what you can expect and is expected of you.
  • Life as a GP in the UK, job description, daily routine and responsibilities.
  • Career Progression; how to continue your professional development.
  • Becoming a GP Partner; how to progress into the entrepreneurial aspect of the job.
  • Personal Advice to future doctors and why it is worth it.

All this topped off with an Open Q&A with our presenters!


Dr Reshma Rasheed MBBS, MRCOG, MRCGP, DMS Pg Cert – GP Principal at Chapel Street Surgery, Rigg Milner Medical Center and Corringham Health Center, UK
Dr Babafemi Salako BSc. Hons., MB. Ch.B, DRCOG, DFFP, DFSRH, FRCGP, PGCME, DPDerm, LOC-SDI – GP Trainer and Partner at Langdon Hills Medical Center, UK


This event will take place on Sunday, February 28th 2021 at 6.00 pm UK Time. Click HERE to join.


6.00 – 6.05 pm Welcome
Dr Raza Khan, Project Manager at SME
6.05 – 6.45 pm Introduction to GP
Dr Reshma Rasheed
6.45 – 7.25 pm Teaching in GP Training
Dr Babafemi Salako
7.25 – 8.00 pm Q&A
Mohsen Salim, Project Manager at SME
  • Certificate for attendance
  • 50% discount on the Annual Premium Subscription on Lecturio for all attendees