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At Study Medicine Europe we provide students with services that help to secure them a place in the best Medical Universities of Europe.

For Study Medicine Europe, studying at university and studying abroad are more than just an emergency solution. It should be rather understood as an opportunity to change the previous UK school or university routine which opens new possibilities and hopes for the future. If it is well used by the student himself, it is the chance of a lifetime.

The Study Medicine Europe brand and our recruitment team represent the professionalism and quality of consultancy services, since we have focused on advising, organising and processing respective university transfers and application processes through the years.

Study Medicine Europe provides students with ideal value based educational services to secure their place in the best medical universities in Bulgaria and Romania. We will fulfil the prospective student’s expectations no matter the cost in entering the medical field from the time contacted until the attainment of the admission in the personal preferred medical university.

At a time like this we were especially able to build up expertise in the placement and accompaniment of Bulgarian and Romanian physicians and medical professionals in United Kingdom. The distinctive shortage of expert staff in the British health sector is well known to us. As well as the problems and concerns of young people who want to study medicine in England but were not allowed to do so or they cannot stand the daily expenses for that. Study Medicine Europe is a realistic perspective for the student’s academic dreams which works hand in hand with the student from the very first time until the graduation.

The last 5 years we have set new standards in medical education through negotiating partnerships with medical universities and various educational institutions across the country of Bulgaria and Romania. We a try as much as possible to keep our students fully-informed about numerous educational opportunities for study abroad concentrating most on those most favourable and economical for the student.

With the brand Study Medicine Europe our purpose is to offer a tailor-made service packages for young prospective students in terms of making their dream of a medical career as medical professionals or physicians come true. Because life is too short for waiting semesters and annums!

Goals and Objectives

  1. Passion for what we do: Love for education & the student itself.
  2. Guaranteed admission: To the universities of your choice & enlarging academic opportunities.
  3. Professionalism Trustworthiness: We fulfil our commitments. We implement our obligations to you ensuring they actualize.
  4. Teamwork: We work all together: we accomplish much more through a capable group of partners.
  5. Premium services: for every student separately. We work on each case as a particular occasion tailored to your needs and demands.
  6. Solid and strong motivation for success: We remain steadfast on our values and commitments. We are committed to accomplishing your goals. Because your goals, are our goals also!
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