Denise Born
Mrs. Born is the Liaison Officer for Study Medicine Europe. Her main role is overseeing and maintaining the company’s institutional agreements and communiqués with the universities. She has been with the company for the last 5 years. Denise has a Business management degree from Hochschule Berlin.

Peter Schulz
Mr. Schulz holds a Social Media Management degree from the University of Karlsruhe. Peter is responsible for implementing Study Medicine Europe’s Social Media marketing strategy. His main duties include content strategy, develop brand awareness and to generate inbound traffic. He has many years of experience with various multinational companies in Europe and the Middle East and is a significant asset to the company.

Roland Krause
Mr. Krause is Study Medicine Europe’s Marketing Manager. He formulates, directs and coordinates marketing activities to promote the company’s services, working with advertising and promotion managers. He has over 15 years of experience with companies in Switzerland and Austria. Roland has a Marketing degree from the University Of St. Gallen.

Fani Giakoumelou
Mrs Fani Giakoumelou is a Student Support Manager for Study Medicine Europe. Ms. Giakoumelou has more than 10 years of experience in Travel and Tourism industry and expertise in customer service. She finished American Community School and studied Psychology at Duree College.

Costa Missios
Mr. Costa Missios has been a Student Support Manager for Study Medicine Europe for 2 years. Having been employed at several major companies and also in the banking sector, he has valuable experience. He has also worked as a freelance translator for several publishing houses. His main role is to liaise with schools, colleges and manage overall communications in the Operations Department. He has an accounting degree from the Applied Sciences University of Western Macedonia, Greece.

Nandini Sharma
Mrs Sharma is a Student Support Manager for SME. She is responsible to support the Indian students to collect their documents and get their visa on time before they relocate to the University city. She is also responsible for all the administrative work in Delhi office. She holds a BSc in International Business and an MBA Degree from Bharathi Vidyapeeth University, India.

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