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Study Medicine Europe Open days
Denise Born
Mrs. Born is the Liaison Officer for Study Medicine Europe. Her main role is overseeing and maintaining the company’s institutional agreements and communiqués with the universities. She has been with the company for the last 5 years. Denise has a Business management degree from Hochschule Berlin.

Peter Schulz
Mr. Schulz holds a Social Media Management degree from the University of Karlsruhe. Peter is responsible for implementing Study Medicine Europe’s Social Media marketing strategy. His main duties include content strategy, develop brand awareness and to generate inbound traffic. He has many years of experience with various multinational companies in Europe and the Middle East and is a significant asset to the company.

Roland Krause
Mr. Krause is Study Medicine Europe’s Marketing Manager. He formulates, directs and coordinates marketing activities to promote the company’s services, working with advertising and promotion managers. He has over 15 years of experience with companies in Switzerland and Austria. Roland has a Marketing degree from the University Of St. Gallen.

Alex Kavouris
Mr. Alex Kavouris is a Relocation Manager for Study Medicine Europe. Holder of an Engineer of Agricultural Production title from the Wageningen University of Netherlands, he has specialized in Rural Development. He has worked for various accreditation institutions and for the Translation Service of the European Parliament. His main role is to manage the relocation process of SME students.

Mary Fragkeski
Mrs Mary Fragkeski is part of the Document Collection Team in Study Medicine Europe. Her role is to ensure all the necessary documents are collected and legalized in the correct manner. She has major experience in the UK in recruiting,training and compliance for companies within the Healthcare sector. She has a Level 3 certificate in Social Care Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Adult Nursing form the University of Athens, Greece.

Jane Kiamos
Ms Jane Kiamos is the Administrative Manager at SME. She has over 10 years of Customer Service experience in the premium Retail Industry. In addition to her significant background in retail, Jane has over 10 years of Administrative experience as a Program Manager Assistant contributing to a number of high-profile companies. Furthermore, Jane has a degree in Computer Programming and Business Analysis from Herzing University of Canada.
Jane Kiamos

Bhawna Singh
Bhawna Singh
Ms Bhawna is a Relocation Manager for SME. She is responsible to inform students about their relocation process. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Hospitality Management, India.
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