Three More City Locations for Open Days in India

Three More City Locations for Open Days in India

After hosting three successful Open Days in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and New Delhi, SME has decided to add three more locations so more prospective students and their families can attend.

We all know that India is a very large country and SME receives requests to have events in other cities so more people may attend. SME does just that. The new Open days are in Kochi on July 6th, Hyderabad on July 20th and Chennai on August 3rd. Let’s not forget that we still have one more open day in New Delhi on August 10th.

Every Open day will give prospective students the chance to visit our partner university kiosks and converse with existing students so that can listen to on hand experiences about their ventures abroad. A very informative presentation about studying medicine in Europe will be provided along with a Q&A session to receive answers from our panel to any queries anyone might have. The presentation will end with a lucky draw where one guest will win a full scholarship (our service fees) and two guests will win a relocation package which will include a plane ticket to one of our partner university cities and 2 nights at a hotel. Our event will end with our SME team and current students ready to have a more detailed conversation with each and every one of you.

To all the people that requested more open days, don’t miss them. To register for the Open Day you would like to attend, please click below:

Kochi: 6th of July 2019
Hyderabad: 20th of July 2019
Chennai: 3rd of August 2019
New Delhi: 10th August 2019