Study Journey Reviews at University of Traditional Medicine

Study Journey Reviews at University of Traditional Medicine

In the video HERE, you will hear testimonials from the University of Traditional Medicine students that put their dream in SME’s hands and were able to start their Medical Studies on October 1st, 2018.

SME is always ready to provide, as one of our student states, “A once in a life time experience” to be able to follow your dream to study medicine.

On September 24th and 26th, 2018, all students flew out in 2 groups as instructed by the relocation department and were greeted by the SME representatives waiting to escort them on to their new venture of studying medicine at the University of Traditional Medicine in Armenia. Once the students were settled in their hotel rooms, they gathered and were presented with the week’s schedule. This included going to open a bank account, get a SIM card, find accommodations and register to the university including a tour. After the presentation, the students were assisted to fill out all necessary paperwork and during the week they were escorted to accomplish all tasks.

At the end of the week, and once the SME team assured that each and every student was settled in and ready to start their studies a dinner party was held in their honor.

The SME team wished all the students good luck and reassured them they would be by their side for the whole duration of their studies and will be waiting to continue being by their side when they graduated to assist in their transition back home including registration with the Medical Council and preparation of their professional CVs.