SME social events keep on coming in 2017

SME social events keep on coming in 2017

Even though they are all studying hard, this does not mean our students don’t know how to have fun. Here at Study Medicine Europe, we know how important it is to socialize, stay in shape and give back to the community and that is why the number of our sports and social events is growing every year, in each and every one of the universities we work with.

All of the students’ sports and cultural societies have been created under the auspices of Study Medicine Europe.

A. When it comes to sports and fitness, SME students can join the following sports societies:
– boxing society
– netball society
– netball society

B. When it comes to the social events for our students, the list of fun filled, and sometimes glamorous activities, keeps on growing. So far this year, SME students were able to attend the following social events which were all sponsored by Study Medicine Europe:
– Sofia Ball 2017 Med Uni
– Bollywood night
– Hookah and games event
– Regular meet and greet events

C. Our students are also devoting their time to many voluntary student-run organizations such as the MUS Middle Easter Society which was set up by students to promote middle eastern culture and heritage, commemorate different traditional and national occasions and to support new middle eastern students in the adjusting process.

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